I Be On My Shorts And Tie Stuff

Thursday, oh how I love thee.  What a long week this has been for me.  Cuteness does not recover as fast as it used to.  I have not had a full 8 or even 7 hour sleep yet.  Maybe I will get back on track next week.

Get ThLooke :  Cuffed Short (NY & Co.) / Button-Front Short Sleeve Shirt (NY & Co.) / Leopard Print Sandals (Nine West) / Men's Tie (Thrifted)



Good Late Morning all.  I dont know how people can start their day late and still function.  I need to start my day early or else everything feels rushed.  1180 is the number of the building where I work.  While taking my pics there this morning (outside), the property manager approached us and was telling us how we are on private property, etc. and I had to quickly put her in her place.  Before you assume, please ask questions.  Its much better to ask than to assume and look stupid.  Anyway, on to the outfit.  Boy, I been loving this neon pink alot.  Cant you tell :)

Get The Look:  Midi Vintage Skirt (ASOS) / Fergalicious Sandals (DSW) / stripe top (Dressbarn)


Just Laugh

We are not perfect.  We all make mistakes.  We all do things we would love to take back.  But for those moments, just laugh.  Smile.  That’s all you can do.  Why worry about things you can’t control or change.  Why spend a day frowning and worrying about things.  If you have faith, you should know that they will work out in the end.  Just learn to be patient and wait and see!!!

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