The Motivation

Excuses wont cut it. We all have the same 24/7 and its up to you on how you are going to make it count.  I am a single mother of THREE and in case you didn't get that, let me put it in numbers for you.  I am a single mother of 3! No big deal to some, but a huge thing for some....i.e., me! Having three children is much more different than one...and having one is different than having none. Anyway, I am not here to tell you how I have it hard, etc.  I am here to tell you that you can do it. You just have to want it.  It will get hard and you will be discouraged. But keep pushing.  You will eventually hit that point where you will breath and eat a healthy lifestyle. I am living proof of it all.
gym motivation


Peeping Out

Heeeeellllloooooo!!! Each day should be cherished and should be applauded.  We just don't know what tomorrow will bring so today I am celebrating!!  Anyway, today I am wearing a midi dress, cant remember where I got it from with some peep toe booties by Gianni Bini from Dillards. Yes, its chili outside but I wont let that stop me from what I want to wear...I will just have to deal with the chills and keep it moving.
Midi Dress; peep toe booties
Midi Dress; peep toe booties


Baby Steps

Life sometimes throws a curve ball and you have to be ready to catch whatever comes.  That is how my life has been lately.  But I put my mittens and caught it and kept going.  Don't let anyone still your shine or your joy. Just breathe and continue to be yourself.  Take baby steps and one day at a time.
Grey Jeans; Vince Camuto booties

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